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Transport services in Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan

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  • Xichang Qingshan Airport


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Bus Station

  • Butuo Busterminal
    Regular transport to Xichang, a few busses to Zhaojue, local busses to Tuojue and other destinations
  • Duiping Busstation
  • 金阳县客运站
  • 西昌旅游集散服务中心(西客站)
  • 西昌月城公交公司
  • Jinyang Busterminal
  • Leibo Busterminal
    All busses leave from here with frequent morning connections to Xichang.
  • Puge Busterminal
  • Tourist Distribution Center
  • Tuojue Busstop
    Busses returning to Butuo wait here, leaving every 30 minutes during the day. They do not take additional passengers when filled up.
  • Xichang Busterminal
    Modern terminal, which serves most destinations with exception of eastern Liangshan. There is also a train booking office.
  • Xichang central bus station
  • Xichang Eastern Busterminal
    Terminal serving eastern Liangshan, i.e. Zhaojue, Butuo, Meigu, Leibo
  • Xide County Coach Terminal
  • Yuexi Coach Terminal
    Xiyuan Road
  • Zhaojue Busterminal
    Connections to Xichang, Butuo, Leibo, Meigu, Chengdu etc.
  • 乃托汽车站
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