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Transport services in Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan

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Nearest Services


  • Mangshi Airport
  • Ruilii Heliport

Bus Station

  • Bus station for Sudian
    Minibusses to Sudian
  • Bus stop for Kachang and Nabang
    Busses to Kachang, Nabang stop here. Also ticket sales office.
  • 芒市客运北站
  • 芒市客运南站
  • Kachang Bus stop
    Mini busses to Kachang
  • Kachang Busstop
    Five busses per day to countytown.
  • Lianghe Busterminal
    Very regular traffic to Tengchong and Yingjiang, busses to Mangshi and Ruili, but sleeper busses to Kunming pass through from Yingjiang.
  • Longchuan Busterminal
    Long-distance bus-terminal for places such as Yingjiang, Mangshi, Kunming
  • Minibus Stop for Xincheng and Jiucheng
    Yongsheng Road
    Minibusses to Xincheng and Jiucheng
  • Nabang Busstation
    Busses to Yingjiang about every 40 minutes.
  • Ruili Bus Station
  • Ruili Northern Busterminal
    Busses to Mangshi, Longchuan
  • Southern Busterminal
    Busses to Kunming, Yingjiang and other long distance destinations.
  • Wanding Busterminal
    Hourly busses to Mangshi and a number of long-distance busses. To Ruili, minibusses leave on the road every few minutes.
  • Yingjiang Bus terminal
    Busses to Tengchong, Lianghe, Mangshi, Ruili, Kunming and some local destinations.
  • Yingjiang East Busstation
    Busses from Yingjiang pass through here and you can buy tickets.
  • Zhefang Busstation
    Quite regular busses to Mangshi. Also transport to Manghai on Burmese border, plus other local connections.
  • 康利客运站
  • 三棵树客运站