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Transport services in Yunnan, China

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  • Baoshan Airport
  • Cangyuan Washan Airport
  • Dali Airport
  • 迪庆香格里拉机场
  • Honghe Mengzi Airport
  • Kunming Changshui Airport
  • Lanping Airport
  • Lijiang Sanyi International Airport
    Lijiang's busy airport, some 25km south of the city, has many flights to Kunming plus flights to Xishuangbanna and many destinations in China, most connection through Kunming.
  • Lincang Airport
  • Liulang Air Base
  • Lugu Lake Airport
  • Mangshi Airport
  • Ruilii Heliport
  • Simao Airport
  • Tengchong Tuofeng Airport
  • Wenshan Puzhehei Airport
  • Xiangyun Midu Air Base
  • Xishuangbanna Gasa Airport
  • Yuanmou Air Base
  • Zhanyi Airport
  • Zhaotong Airport
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Bicycle Parking

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Bicycle Rental

  • moped rental
    Yita Road
  • moped rental
    Yita Road
  • moped rentat
    Renmin Road
  • 元动力自行车馆
  • 大理骑骑车行
  • -
    Yinghai Road
  • -
    Baiyun Road
  • -
    Changshui Road
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    Boai Road
  • -
    Beimen Road
  • -
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    Dong'Yu Street
  • -
    Zhuantang Road
  • -
    Daguan Road
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    Xuefu Road
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    Renmin Road West
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    Dongfeng West Road
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    Beijing Road
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    Baita Road
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    Baiyun Road
  • -
    Changcheng Road
  • -
    Jianshe Road
  • -
    Sujiatang Road
  • -
    Qingnian Road
  • -
    Qingyun Street
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    Boai Road
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    Renmin Middle Road

Bus Station

  • 1,14
    Kanding Road
  • 15, 23, 19, 20, 30, 1, 14, 10, 22
    Changshui Road
  • 181, 233, 262
  • 2
    Beijing Road
  • 8 to Dali, 21A
  • Airport Express Bus
  • Badi
    Bus to Weixi and Deqin, but mostly minibusses on demand.
  • Bai Sha He
  • Bajie Station
    Bajing Road
    Busses back to Anning every hour, some local busses and taxis.
  • Banna Bus Short Distance Busstation
  • Banqiao
    Some busses to Yongsheng, but also two daily busses to Lijiang.
  • Baoshan Busterminal
    Baoshan's new main busterminal next to the entrance to the expressway has all the busses you are likely to need: to Dali, Kunming, Ruili, Tengchong. The only disadvantage of this station is that it is a bit far from the centre of town and accommodation.
  • Baoshan Southern Busterminal
    Baoshan's southern bus terminal has only regional busses, particularly to destinations in the south. For long-distance destinations go to the main terminal.
  • Baxin Busstation
    Most busses between Shiping and Jianshui stop at the highway exit, but some pull in here.
  • Bazhai Busterminal
    A little transport hub with good connections in all directions.
  • Binchuan Busterminal
    Binchuan's terminal combines minibusses and normal busses. Frequent busses to Dali and Xiangyun, not many to Kunming. Minibusses to Jizhushan leave when full.
  • Bus Station
  • Bus Station
  • Bus station for Houqiao
    Busses to Houqiao only from this yard.
  • Bus station for Sudian
    Minibusses to Sudian
  • Bus station, intercity
    香格里大道, 丽江市
    intercity passenger bus station
  • Bus stop for Kachang and Nabang
    Busses to Kachang, Nabang stop here. Also ticket sales office.
  • Bus terminal
  • Bus to aeroport
  • Bus to Bingzhongluo
  • Bus to Changhu
  • bus to shangri la
  • Busses to Hexi, Xingmeng
  • Busses to Judian, Shigu
    Busses to Judian, Shigu
    Minibusses to Judian, Shigu etc.
  • Busses to Judian, Shigu
    Busses to Judian, Shigu
    Minibusses to Judian, Shigu etc.
  • Busses to Shizishan
  • Cangyuan Busterminal
    Poorly connected Cangyuan has only a few busses per day, mostly in the Gengma and Lincang direction.
  • Changning Busterminal
    Busses to Kunming, Baoshan, Yunxian and local.
  • Chengjiang Busterminal
    Busses to Kunming, Yuxi, Tonghai, Huaning.
  • Chuxiong Busterminal
    Expressbus station with mostly long distance connections, such as Kunming, Xiaguan, Lincang
  • Chuxiong East Busterminal
    Chuxiong East handles traffic to Lufeng, Luquan, Wuding, Heijing and Shuangbai. Also expressbusses to Kunming stop here to pick up passengers.
  • Chuxiong Southern Busterminal
    Chuxiong's Southern Busterminal has only busses to Dayao, Yaoan and Kunming.
  • Cikatong Busstop
    One bus to Deqin via Tuoding, Benzilan at 7:00, one to Zhongdian via Tuoding at 7:30.
  • 玉溪城南客运站
  • 绿玉菜场站
    Lüyü Road
  • Dacang Busstation
    Busses to Xiaguan and local busses.
  • Daheishan Busterminal
    Busses to Lvchun, Jiangcheng and Mojiang. Many busses stop here for a break.
  • Dali Express Bus Station
    Bus station handling traffic to Kunming, Chuxiong, Nanhua, Yongping as well as some other destinations.
  • Dali Old Town Tourist Bus Station
  • Datun Busterminal
  • Daxing Busstation
    Two daily busses to Yongshan, one to Zhaotong, one to Kunming (sleeper); all leaving around 7am in the morning.
  • Dayao Busterminal
    New terminal near the main road serving all destinations.
  • Deqin Busterminal
    Dewei Route
    Deqin's bus station is down the smaller street. It has morning busses to Zhongdian, Yanjing in Tibet, and towards Weixi. There is also a sleeper to Lhasa.
  • Dongchuan Busterminal
    Main terminal with frequent busses to Kunming.
  • Dongju Busterminal
    Tudong Road
  • Earth Forest Busstop
    Occasional busses going back to Yuanmou, otherwise hope for a passing Mianbao on the road.
  • East Bus Station
  • Ejia Busstation
    Busses to Chuxiong, Gasa and Jinping
  • Eryuan Bus Terminal
    Quiet bus station with not many busses.
  • Eshan Busses to Kunming
    Busses to Kunming, Shiping etc. Timetables unclear
  • Eshan Busterminal
    Not yet open in early 2012
  • Eshan Busterminal
    Busses to Yuxi and local destinations.
  • Express bus station
  • 芒市客运北站
  • 芒市客运南站
  • 西站
    Hongshan Dong Road
  • 麻栗坡客运站
    Main terminal.
  • Fengqing Busstation
    Fengqing is a small town and the bus station has not really that many departures a day. The main town to reach is Yunxian from which the connections are much better. There are plenty of hotels around the bus station.
  • Fengyu Busstation
    A few direct busses to Xiaguan, otherwise connect through Eryuan.
  • Fugong Busterminal
    Fugong has regular transport to Liuku and to Gongshan. There is a sleeper bus service to Kunming and to Dali.
  • Fumin Busstation
    Busses to Kunming every ten minutes; regional busses stop nearby. No long-distance destinations.
  • Funing Minibus Station
    Minibusses to Babao and some other places north of Funing
  • Fuyuan Busterminal
    Fuyuan's busterminal at the southern end of town near the entrance to the expressway has good connections to Qujing, Kunming, Panxian and local destinations.
  • Gaoqiao Busstation
    Half-hourly busses to Wuding. Miaobaos to Shilata, Maojie.
  • Gejiu Busterminal
    Gejiu is an important transport hub, serving sleeper busses all the way to the coast. Mengzi is less than one hour away.
  • Gengma Busterminal
    Gengma's terminal has busses to Kunming, Lincang, Jinghong as well as local destinations.
  • Gongshan Bus Station
  • Gongshan Busterminal
  • Goujie Busterminal
    Busses to Changning, Baoshan and local destinations.
  • Guanglu Busstop
    Regular local bus to Yaoan leaves from the road-side. There are no other bus connections from Guanglu
  • Guangnan Busterminal
    Long- and short-distance terminal. Also good connections to Guangdong.
  • Gusheng Bus station
    Bus line 4 to Dali (north gate)
  • Guyong Busstop
    Busses back to Tengchong every 30 minutes until 18:30. Minibusses to other destinations leave when full.
  • Haikou
    Busses to Kunming and Jinning
  • Hekou Passenger Bus Station
  • Heqing Busterminal
    Heqing's bus terminal, at the northern end of town on the western side of the main highway, has very frequent departures to Lijiang and Xiaguan. as well as serving inner-county departures and a few busses to north to Zhongdian and Weixi.
  • Honghe Busterminal
    Poorly connected county town with few services.
  • Hongyun Station
    Rhao Yang North Road
    Opening hours: Mo-Su 07:00-18:00
  • Huanghua Busstation
    Busses and mini busses leave from the central square and not the new and disused bus station below. Only a few busses to Yongshan, but mianbaos are available for hire.
  • Huangping Busterminal
    Huangping is a small hub, connecting Binchuan and Heqing. Busses to and from Binchuan however leave from the southern part of town.
  • Huangping to Binchuan
    Busses to Binchuan leave from here
  • Huangtupo Busterminal
    Huangtupo station closed in November 2009, services now from new Xibeibu station.
  • Hui Min bus station
  • Huize Bus Terminal (Coaches)
    Huize's new long distance bus terminal for all transport to Kunming, Zhaotong, Xuanwei, Dongchuan, Qujing etc
  • Huize Old Busterminal
    Huize's old bus station now handles local transport within the county, mostly by non-scheduled mini busses.
  • Jianchuan Busterminal
    Jianchuan's small station is just on the main road. Minibusses to Shaxi leave just outside the station, while minibusses for destinations north go a bit further north from the main road.
  • Jiangbian Busstop
    Busses back to Yuanmou start from the 'main' road in town. There are no vehicles for hire in town.
  • Jiangcheng Busterminal
    Busses to Simao, Mengla, Lvchun, Mojiang, Kunming and local destinations.
  • Jiangcheng Busterminal
    Main terminal with connections to Puer, Kunming.
  • Jiangcheng Busterminal
    Local busses and bus to Jiangchuan.
  • Jiangchuan Bus Terminal
    Main new bus terminal for all destinations.
  • Jianshui Busterminal
    New terminal a bit outside of town center, with frequent connections to Kunming, Tonghai, Yuanyang, Mengzi, Shiping and local destinations.
  • Jiasa Busterminal
    Jiasa is a local transportation hub with a daily bus to Kunming, regular connections to Xinping and busses to Chuxiong, Shuangbai, Yuanjiang.
  • Jietou Busstation
    Busses back to Tengchong and minibusses to Qiaotou.
  • Jigai Busterminal
    A small staging post on the Red River, now eclipsed by the new expressway.
  • Jin Sha Lu Kou

Ferry Terminal

  • Ferry
  • Ferry
  • Longkan Ferry Terminal
  • Luoshui Jetty
  • new ferry
  • new ferry
  • Old Ferry
  • Old Ferry (no service)
  • Taoyuan Pier
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